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Minimum conditions

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Salariesupdate 7/2009

Carpenter, concrete worker and bricklayer, piece rate: 178,19 SEK/hour
Carpenter, concrete worker and bricklayer, time rate: 145,97 SEK/hour
Carpenter, concrete worker and bricklayer, overall piece rate and time rate:158,79 SEK/hour
Plumber, overall piece rate and time rate: 158,73 SEK/hour
Construction workers, overall piece rate and time rate: 155,09 SEK/hour
Glass workers , overall piece rate and time rate: 143,41 SEK/hour

100 SEK are about 9,5 Euro (update 11.5.2009)
PremiumsWorking overtime
In weekdays when working more then 8 hours you get your time rate + 37%

In weekends and official holidays you get your time rate + 70%
Hours of WorkLegal work time is 40h/week

The average work time/ week during a 4 months period must not be more then 48hours

If you have a limited employment period maximum overtime/year is 100h, If you have a permanent employment it’s 200 hours/year

5 weeks a year

Holiday pay is a monthly wage +12,8% of the earnings the year before, if there is a collective agreement with the company. If there is not a collective agreement you get 12%

Illness and InjurySick pay:
In case of sickness you receive your wage from your employer for 14 days.

Sickness benefit:
If you are ill for more than 14 days you receive sickness benefit from Foersaekringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency). You can receive sickness benefit for at most 364 days during a 15-month period. This period can be extended in certain cases.
The sickness benefit is approximately 80 per cent of your annual income. This is the case as long as your annual income does not exceed SEK 307 500 (7.5 times the price base amount. Higher income does not entitle you to higher sickness benefit. If your income is lower than SEK 9 900 (24 % of the price base amount), you will not receive any sickness benefit.

Other Info
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