Minimum conditions

SalariesSince 1/4/2008

Minimum hourly gross wages
Unskilled NOK 127,50
Unskilled with 1 year experience NOK 132,50
Skilled (including bricklayers/masonry workers with 6 months’ experience)NOK 141,75
PremiumsOvertime: The basis for overtime pay is NOK 188.50.

Monday to Friday: between end of ordinary working hours and until 21.00 hours: 50% supplement.
From 21.00 hours and until the beginning of ordinary working hours: 100% supplement.

Saturdays or other workday that is day off

Employees who should have had a day off but are required to work on that day, shall be paid a 50% supplement until 12.00 hours on Saturdays and until 16.00 hours on the other weekdays, and 100% after that.

Sundays, public holidays, days before public holidays, 1st May and 17th May

supplement 100%.
DeductionsTax deduction card
Everyone who works in Norway must have a tax deduction card. You hand in your tax deduction card to your employer. The tax deduction card shows how much tax your employer must deduct before paying your wages.

In order to be able to calculate the correct tax deduction, the local tax assessment office must have information about how much you reckon on earning in Norway and how long you intend to stay here.

To obtain a tax deduction card, contact your local tax assessment office where you live.
Hours of WorkWeekly 37,5 hours

Holidays 4 weeks and 1 day. You receive 10.2 percent of total gross wage in the last calendar year for your holidays

Public Holidays There are days of 7-9 public holidays. You get paid for 7,5 hours a day.
Illness and InjuryPayments in case of sickness or injuries 100% of wages.
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