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Salariesupdate 1/2010

There are two possibilities; you are working directly as an employee for a construction company. Then you are entitled to earn according to the Collective agreement (CAO) for the construction industry. Minimum wage when you are at least 22 years of age: Euro 11.89 per hour
Or you are hired by a job agency that sends you to a construction company. Then you are paid according to the collective agreement for the job agencies; Euro 11.80 per hour.
PremiumsThe first 3 hours are 25% extra paid.
Other extra hours between 05.00h and 21.00h; 50% extra. Construction workers who work on shift are paid 10% extra when working on a two shift basis, and 15% extra when working on a three shift scheme.
DeductionsTax and social premiums will be around 25% of your gross income is (€2000) It can rise to 27% if you earn Euro 2400.
Hours of WorkNormal working day is 8hrs, 40 hrs a week. Standard holiday is 25 days per year.
Because of the shortening of working time there are 22 days extra if you have a fulltime contract. This goes on the basis of a full years work, otherwise pro rato.
Illness and InjuryIn case of illness you will receive 70% of your income during two years. During the first year this can be adjusted to 100% depending on the applicable collective agreement.
Medical costs in case of an injury are insured.
Other InfoThere are many national specifics. The information is very basic.

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