Minimum conditions

SalariesMinimum Wage
Valid from 1. 6. 2010
Construction work ISK 171.618 per month

Carpenters, painters, plumbers with journeyman`s diploma: ISK 235.555 per month

Premiums80% on daywages
DeductionsTaxes are 37,31 - 46,21% with deductable personal allowance IKR 44.205.
Pension fund is 4% deducted from worker and 8% added by the employer.
Union membership fee 0,7 – 1% pr. month.
Sickness fund 1% and holliday allowance 0,25% payed by employer.

Hours of Work40 hours from Monday to Friday.

Minimum is 2 working days for each working month and 10,17% holliday allowance. Goes up to 30 working days a year and 13,04% holliday allowance (depends on working time in the trade and with the company).

Public holidays

16 days each year.
Illness and InjuryA worker is entitled to wages paid by his employer for minimum of 2 days pr. month worked. Can go up to 3 months depends on working time in the trade. After 3 months the union sickness fund takes over.
Other Info

Contactsaffiliated union: Samidn,
English speaking member: Pálmi Finnbogason: palmi(at)