Minimum conditions

Salariesupdate 1/3/2009

I New employee Euro 9.04/h
II Employee with some experience Euro 10.30/h
III Beginning professional Euro 11.36/h
IV Professional Euro 12.63/h
V Experienced professional Euro 13.81/h
VI Very experienced professional Euro 14.84/h

In addition to the hourly wage based on the relevant wage category, each employee must also be paid a personal wage component.

Holiday compensation generally (Housing Industry) 18,5% of total wage during year when holiday was earned, but varies according to sector.
PremiumsOvertime is paid for according to Finnish law; for up to 8h overtime/week normal wage plus 50% and more than 8h, 100%.

Meal allowance: Euro 9/day
Hours of WorkRegular work hours max 8/day and 40/week.

Holidays according to Finnish law, 30 days/year (24 days during summer and 6 days during winter). The holiday bonus (18.5%) is paid with the wages paid prior to the holiday or in the final payment in case the employment relationship ends.

The shift work supplements are as follows: evening shift supplement € 1.03/h and night shift supplement € 1.94/h.

supplement € 1.94/h.

Additional wage component
Employees are paid an additional wage component of 7.7% for New Year's Day, Epiphany, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day, Ascension Day, Midsummer Eve, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in conjunction with each regular payment of wages.
The component includes compensation for shorter working hours.

Payment of wages for Independence Day is regulated by the act on Independence Day as a public holiday (laki itsenäisyyspäivän viettämisestä yleisenä juhla- ja vapaapäivänä). For Independence Day, employees are paid a full wage if the day would have otherwise been a regular work day for the employee in question.
The 7.7% supplement is also paid for those working shorter days. This wage component must be itemised in the wages calculation. This wage component may not be included in the employee's time rate, contract wage or production bonus system.
The component does not accumulate holiday bonus.

The daily allowance is € 36.

Accommodation compensation is € 60/day and overnight allowance is € 10/day.

Illness and InjuryThe maximum wage for sick leave is € 14.27/h for the sickness insurance waiting period (9 working days) and € 18.56/h after that.

Work carried out in Finland must be insured in Finland. The insurance is
compulsory, and the employer has the obligation to take out insurance for
the employees regardless of the employer’s domicile.

The employee does not need to be insured in Finland, if an A1 form (E101
prior to 1 May 2010) is provided to prove that the employee comes under
the social security legislation of another EU country while in Finland. In this
case, the employee is insured in the country issuing the certificate.
more information ..., see
factsheet health insurance
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