Minimum conditions

Salariesupdate 6/2010

In the General Construction Agreement minimum salaries are regulated by level and occupational categories for 2010 :

Level VI: Clerk, draftsman, shopfloor supervisor, stone and marble scultor, topographer: 9,05 Euro
Level VII: Draftsman, organization technician, topographer, analyst,, sale agent, foreman, skilled worker: 8,91 Euro
Level VIII: Clerk, Services and signalling monitor Inspector, analyst: 8,78 Euro
Level IX: Clerk assistance. Topographer assistant, salesmen, doorman: 8,65 Euro
Level X: Laboratory assistant, guard, warehousing staff, nurse, money collector, assistants, skilled workers: 8,52
Level XI: Skilled workers, semi-skilled worker: 8,40
Level XII: Unskilled worker, cleaner: 8,27

In fact, in most regions you will earn more: For example: Level XII, unskilled worker in Las Palmas 8,39 in Murcia 9,10, La Rioja 9,42, Barcelona 11,13 Madrid 9,25

Economic increases agreed till year 2011: forseen inflation + 1,5 per year
Companies, as far as the normal product process is not disturb, will be able to compensate the pay of overtime for days off

Level VI: 10,74 on working days, 12,18 s on public holidays
Level VII: 10,16 respectivly 11,98
Level VIII: 9,97 resp. 11,76
Level IX: 9,44 resp. 11,01
Level X: 9,06 resp. 10,70
Level XI: 8,10 resp. 10,64
Level XII: 7,13 resp. 10,57

Night supplement
(the amount is set in the provincial agreements)

Staff working between 22:00 hours and 6 in the morning, they will get a night supplement pay equivalent to 25% of the basic pay according to each one category.

Jobs exceptionally hard, toxic or harzardous (the amount is set in the provincial agreements)
Workers that have to make specially hard, toxic or hazardous works will have to be paid an increase of 20% on top of their basic pay. If these works are to be done during half of the worktime or in less time, the premium will be 10%.

Subsistence and travel allowances (the amounts are laid down in collective agreements)
FULL: For all levels ……………40 Euro daily
HALF: For all levels …………… 9 Euro daily
DeductionsSocial Security Contributions
General Scheme common contingencies: 4,70%
Unemployment: 1,55%
Wages Guarantee Fund: 0%
Overtime: 4,70%
Vocational Training: 0,10%

IRPF discount
Type highest minimum wage: 11%

Hours of WorkWeekly (art. 64 General Agreement of the Construction Sector)
40 hours during the agreement time span.

2009: 1738
2010: 1738
2011: 1738

30 calendar days, or 21 working days.

(art. 64 General Agreement of the Construction Sector).

In local agreements working days and daily hours are established although they cannot be more than 9.

Public Holidays
13 day plus regional public holidays
Illness and InjuryPay supplement in case of hospitalisation for temporary incapacity for work derived from common and occupational illness, accident at work or not and only for the cases where is needed: 100% of the basic wage and premiums is guaranteed during the hospitalisation period and the following 60 days.

In case of accident, the dispositions of provincial agreements normally have improvements compared with the General Agreement

Pay supplement in case of accident: This can be regulated in provincial agreements and generally it guarantees 100% during a maximum period of 75 days from the leave date, as long as the situation of temporary incapacity for work last even if the worker has not needed hospitalisation. These amounts sometimes are higher and they are set up in provincial agreements.
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