Minimum conditions

Salariesupdate 1/2010

Minimum hourly gross wages
Unskilled worker CHF 24.60 - 25.35
Unskilled worker with experience CHF 27.00 - 28.50
Unskilled but with an accepted course degree (300 hours of lessons) CHF 29.40 - 30.25
Skilled worker (after 3 years working expereience) CHF 30.55 - 31.40
Foreman CHF 32.45 - 35.35

Pro rata additional payments
Holidays (5 weeks): + 10,6% /hour, from 50 years (6 weeks) + 13,0%/hour
Christmas salary (13th monthly salary) + 8,3% /hour
Public holidays (5 to 10 days per year): paid as they occur
PremiumsOvertime: from the 48th hour/week: +25% /hour
Night work (more than one week): +25/hour
Saturdays: +25 % /hour
Sundays and night work (up to one week): +50 % /hour
Meal allowance: +14. CHF/day (under specific conditions)
DeductionsSocial security contributions and income taxe
alltogether from 20% up to 25 %

Your employer puts 5 to 8% of your gross wages together with his share into an occupational fond. You`ll get that money back when you reach retirement age. Switzerland has agreements with some countries, so you can receive that money when you leave Switzerland.
Hours of WorkDay 7,5 - 9,5 hours
Week 37,5 - 45 hours
Holidays 5 to 6 weeks per year
Public Holidays 5 - 10 days (depends on region)
Illness and InjuryAfter one day unpaid sick leave you will receive 80% of your regular wages for up to 720 days
Other InfoLiving costs are very high in Switzerland and you have no health insurance belonging to your job. You have to find a health insurance on your own. You may use the one you have in your home country. A health insurance costs about CHF 250 up to CHF 400.
ContactsFor further general information:
Information in English: simon.grossenbacher(at)