Minimum conditions

SalariesSince 1/7/2010

Minimum hourly gross wages
Unskilled (I) € 12,3050
Specialist (II) € 13,118
Skilled 1st grade (III) € 13,95
Skilled 2nd grade (IV) € 14,81
PremiumsThe employer is obliged to pay an allowance to the workers for their transport to the building site when the distance between the place of residence and the workplace is less than 10 km.
DeductionsSocial security contributions at 13,07 %
(on 108 % of the gross hourly wage);

The tax rate is determined by the composition of the family.
Hours of WorkDaily 8 hours, from the 9th hour the employer
has to pay a bonus of 50 %.

Weekly 40 hours

Holidays A worker employed in the building sector in 2007, is entitled to a holiday allowance payable in June of the following year. This allowance amounts to 15,38 % of the gross wage. The national Holiday Allowance Office pays the allowance directly to the worker Public holidays.
Illness and InjuryFrom the 1st to the 7th day: 100% of the gross hourly wage

From the 8th to the 14th: day 85,88% of the gross hourly wage

From the 15th to the 30th day: 25,88% of the gross hourly wage.

The first day of absence is remunerated. From the 15th day there`s the possibility to receive “sick pay” to compensate the loss of wages from the 15th day.
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