Minimum conditions

SalariesMinimum salaries
I. Foreman: Euro 14,11
II. Qualified Worker
a) Foreman: Euro 13,73
b) Qualified Worker: Euro 12,50
III. Workers with experience (examples)
a) operator: Euro: 12,49
b) Lorry driver (more than 5 tons): Euro 12,21
c) Asphalterer, Paver: Euro 11,94
d) Concrete worker: Euro 11,63
e) Rail worker: Euro 11,21
IV. unskilled worker: Euro 10,64

Holidays (5 weeks): + 10.9%
Christmas salary: + 10.9%

PremiumsNight Work: From 20.00 to 5.00: +50%
Overtime: From 5.oo to 20.00 +50 %. From 20.00 to 5.00: +100%.
Shift work: 22.00 to 6.00 : +50%.
Work on Sundays: +100 %.
Meal allowance: 9,10 Euro/day, 14,50/day if you work more than 9 hours
Travel allowance: Your employer has to pay the travel cost from your place of residence to the construction site.
DeductionsSocial contributions: your share 18.9 %
Income Tax: 16%.
Hours of WorkDaily: 8 - 9 hours.
Weekly: 39 hours.
Holidays: 5 weeks (if you work temporarily you get the surcharges mentioned above (item 1)
Public Holidays: 1. January, 6. January, Easter Monday, May, Ascension Day, Penticost Monday, Corpus Christi, 15. August, 26. October, 1. November, 8. December, 25. December and 26. December. According to the collective agreement for the construction industry there are two more additional public holidays: 24. and 31.December.
Illness and Injury100% of your former wage for 6 weeks. After that you receive 50% for four further weeks.
After an accident during work you receive 100% for at least 8 weeks.
Other InfoYour employer is obliged to declare your employement to the BUAK even if you work for a short period. The employer has to pay a certain amount for your holiday entitlement. The BUAK will pay your holiday allowance. Important: Every quarter you receive an information sheet, so you can control your entitlement. If the listed times of work are incorrect, contact the BUAK as soon as possible.
Information about BUAK:, T: 0043 5 79 5 79
Contactsgeneral information : union GBH
Informationen in Englisch: Brigitte Schulz, brigitte.schulz(at), T: 0043 1 53444 141